Salaam Stanley Matthews.

Subrata Dasgupta



"Salaam Stanley Matthews" is the story of a unique encounter between England and India. Subrata Dasgupta was six years old when his parents came to Britain from Calcutta in 1950. In his affectionate portrait of a Britain that seems as foreign to us now as it was to him then, he recalls what it was like growing up in Nottingham and Derby in the 1950s: holidays in Blackpool, the trials of the dreaded Eleven-Plus and the first stirrings of rock and roll. Above all it is the story of one small Indian boy's devotion to the greatest footballer of the day, Stanley Matthews - who to Subrata Dasgupta represented all that was best about his new country.

Language English
ISBN-10 1-86207-812-2
No of pages 207
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Granta Books
Published Date 06 Feb 2006

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