It Happened Like This




The book is the story of three compelling characters- all women- Hema, Zarine and Sr. Margaret. The plot addresses their career, families and vocation. All three differ from each other, Hema's career rises to dizzy heights, Zarine faces tragic loss and Sr. Margaret is a nun with commitment to God first- but a common thread runs through their persona. They are strong in the face of adversity, practical in their approach to life and unbending in their moral values. Their lives play across the rich background of a new born country where the political and social fabric contributes to their families’ destiny. The plot circles around their decisions, their adjustment and their refusal to give in to the subtle pressures of a patriarchal system. Set in newly independent India, the story traces their lives which intersect and forge a bond that helps each one discover beauty and grace in the midst of tragedy, hardships and heartbreak. Woven into the plot is a background of national and international events, wars, crisis, political upheavals, uprisings, agitations and insurgency, liberally sprinkled with nostalagia.

Language English
ISBN-13 978-9351745631
No of pages 332
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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Author : Suraksha


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