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With the new year comes new hope of a better time for the fashion retail business. And though the relentless coronavirus has made headlines once again, people are better equipped this year to deal with the menace and most have already reinforced their business plans to deal with the possible impact. This year we, too, continue with the tradition of bringing out our special Brands in India issue – an opportunity for retailers to highlight their offerings to the fashion world.

We do hope that we are able to bring businesses together to collaborate on new fronts and develop partnerships that make their business grow. Year 2022 may also be a significant marker in the world of fashion technology and innovation. From omnichannel pursuits of brands to the metaverse of fashion, there’s much in store for the fashion retail sector in the country.

E-commerce is also set to gain a greater market share as more and more people get more comfortable with shopping online and companies strive to ensure that their experience is as seamless as it is pleasant. Our January issue also brings to the fore 10 trends in retail and e-commerce –

some that have already set in and some that could make inroads this year – reshaping the retail world as we know it today. With this, we hope companies and brands are able to take a sneak peek into what’s shaping the retail sector across the world, and be well-prepared to adapt to the dynamic environment and take on new challenges. As always, we hope you find this issue informative. We wish you all a happy new year!

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