Follow Your Heart.

Andrew Matthews



FOLLOW YOUR HEART is about doing what you love and finding peace of mind. It is about dealing with disasters and not blaming others for them! It is about how happy people think, why rich people make money - even by accident - and it's about what losers do, and how not to be like them! This book has touched the lives of millions of readers world-wide and helped them turn their life around. It shows you in a simple way of dealing with problems.

Packed with stories, most of them from real life experience, that inspire you to find your own purpose in life. It shows you how to discover and pursue the things you love in life and find your own personal success. Illustrated with fun cartoons drawn by Andrew Matthews which are a treat for readers. Over two million copies sold in 42 languages.

What will you learn from this book


1. Disasters in our life are truly lessons provided to us by life and are life’s way of pushing us to the right path. They should be thought of as opportunities to improve ourselves.

2. Ability to accept our shortcomings, ability to forgive others, committing to what we want to do, believing in ourselves and taking time out to relax and meditate is the key to a successful, happy life.

3. It is ok to do what you want. The money will follow if you do what you really love. It is ok to treat yourself and make yourself feel good.

Language English
ISBN-10 9383359862
ISBN-13 9789383359868
No of pages 144
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 01 Feb 2015

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Author : Andrew Matthews

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