The Chameleon Effect and Other Stories (Isapuram Tales - Book One)

Anita Satyajit


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"What do you get when you bring a naughty 10-year-old with countless questions and a wise old spiritual teacher together? You get stories that are interesting, engaging, lively and witty!"

Diya is funny and talkative. She is also gifted with a crazy imagination and a curious mind that needs to understand everything. When she is confused, Diya heads straight to Baba for answers. After all, Baba is a spiritual teacher, and the most respected man in Isapuram.

The Chameleon Effect and other stories is a book about kindness, emotions, habits, prayer and God. The stories in this book are based on the everyday lives of Diya, Baba, her family and best friends - Ayesha and Biju.

What do Diya and Baba talk about? What happens in their lives? Does Baba have magical powers that he shares with Diya or are they just simple folks who know how to live a magical life? Read on to know more?

Language English
No of pages 104
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Anita Satyajit
Published Date 15 Jul 2020
Audio Book Length 01:29:33

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Author : Anita Satyajit


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