The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict

Joseph Stiglitz , Linda Bilmes



America has already spent close to a trillion dollars on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but there are hundreds of billions of bills still due—including staggering costs to take care of the thousands of injured veterans, providing them with disability benefits and health care. In this sobering study, Nobel Prize winner Joseph E.

Stiglitz and Harvard University's Linda J. Bilmes reveal a wide range of costs that have been hidden from U.S. taxpayers and left out of the debate about our involvement in Iraq. That involvement, the authors conservatively estimate, will cost us more than $3 trillion.

Language English
ISBN-10 1846141281
ISBN-13 9781846141287
No of pages 310
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Book Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
Published Date 29 Aug 2008

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