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Once in a while a book is produced that captures the energy and spirit of the world of rock. Somebody Someday was published to massive popular and critical acclaim in September 2001. It shot straight to No 1 in the bestseller lists and proceeded to spend 14 weeks in the top 3. The insight, honesty and humour of the book was unprecedented.

The photographic quality and design innovation; no more than this pop icon deserved. In short it was a triumph. For the paperback edition Robert P. Williams and Mark McCrum have delved even further into the phenomenon that is Robbie - covering his million selling 2001 album and looking at changes in his professional, family, social and love lives.

Dynamically repackaged in a tempting trade paperback and including new photographs, this is a fitting follow up 2001's most successful hardback - Somebody Someday.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Personal Struggles: Williams candidly discusses his personal struggles with fame, addiction, and mental health issues, providing insight into the challenges faced by celebrities in the spotlight.

  2. Rise to Fame: The book chronicles Williams' rise to fame as a member of the boy band Take That and his subsequent solo career, shedding light on the highs and lows of his musical journey.

  3. Creative Process: Williams offers glimpses into his creative process as a songwriter and performer, sharing anecdotes about the inspiration behind his music and the collaborative efforts involved in producing albums.

  4. Relationships: From romantic entanglements to friendships within the industry, the book delves into Williams' relationships with fellow musicians, managers, and the media, offering intimate portrayals of his interactions with others.

  5. Self-Discovery: Throughout the autobiography, Williams reflects on his journey of self-discovery, including moments of introspection, personal growth, and the quest for meaning beyond fame and success.

  6. Humor and Wit: Known for his wit and irreverent humor, Williams infuses the book with his trademark charm, offering entertaining anecdotes and humorous observations about life in the limelight.

  7. Vulnerability and Authenticity: Despite his larger-than-life persona, Williams reveals moments of vulnerability and authenticity, sharing intimate details about his insecurities, fears, and inner struggles.

  8. Recovery and Redemption: The book chronicles Williams' journey towards recovery and redemption, highlighting his efforts to overcome addiction, prioritize his mental health, and find balance in his personal and professional life.

  9. Legacy and Impact: Reflecting on his legacy, Williams discusses the impact of his music and persona on fans worldwide, acknowledging the profound connection he has forged with audiences over the years.

  10. Lessons Learned: Through his autobiography, Williams imparts lessons learned from his experiences in the music industry and the rollercoaster of fame, offering insights into resilience, perseverance, and the pursuit of happiness beyond celebrity status.

Language English
ISBN-10 009188473X
ISBN-13 9780091884734
No of pages 320
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Ebury Press
Published Date 03 Oct 2002

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