Great Folk Tales of the World

Anitha Murthy , Sayan Mukherjee



Travel around the world with this glorious collection of best-loved folk tales

Harisharman, a poor man from India, pretends he has magical powers and can solve any problem. But what will he do when the king himself asks for his help to find the g old stolen from the royal treasury? In ancient Arabia, Ameen Beg meets a scary ghoul. With just some salt and an egg, he outsmarts the ghoul and makes him run away fast and far. In distant Eastern Europe, a king is furious with his attendant George. The only way George can escape punishment is by finding the mysterious maid with the golden hair. Will he be able to find her and bring her to his king?

Meet these and many other odd and wonderful characters—wily witches from Australia, brave and just eagles from North America, magician-giants from South America and boastful tailors from Scotland—in these captivating stories. There are tales of love and humour, of adventure and daredevilry, of ogres and animals. Beautifully illustrated and skilfully retold, this collection will thrill and charm readers young and old.

Language English
ISBN-10 9388874366
ISBN-13 978-9388874366
No of pages 184
Book Publisher Speaking Tiger Books
Published Date 10 Apr 2019

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Author : Sayan Mukherjee


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