Indian Tales of Valour

Nimish Dubey



“Courage comes from the heart and not from being physically strong.” ‘Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one’. The saffron-clad warriors who preferred death to dishonour. The two Pathans who took on the might of Shah Jahan for the sake of a Rajput. The one-armed leader who defeated the British in 1858.

Indian Tales of Valour tells young readers about courage against all odds – when Indians stood up to defend what they believed in. These are stories of real people. Taken from different periods of history. From the legendary Haldighati to the Brahmaputra to Loos in France, relive the heroism and courage of these amazing people.

Some remembered. Some forgotten. But all inspiring. For courage has no religion, no language. It is about feeling. And inspiring.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789380637273
ISBN-13 9789380637273
No of pages 144
Book Publisher Ponytale Books
Published Date 01 Oct 2018

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Author : Nimish Dubey


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