Necessary But Not Sufficient

Eliyahu M Goldratt & Eli Schragenheim


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"After reading the newspapers and following the sharp oscillations of the stock market, it becomes apparent that hi-tech companies are of a different breed. Never before have the chances of making a fortune been so realistic and never before have large companies been so fragile. What is really going on inside these hi-tech companies? What types of pressures and challenges are they facing? And how do they cope? Computer software providers, especially the ones that specialize in handling the data needs of organizations, are prime examples of these volatile companies. In the nineties we witnessed their growth from small businesses into multi-billion dollar giants. No wonder investors were attracted. In 1998 it was easy for such companies to raise as much money as they wanted. But now, investment funds have dried up. Why? And more importantly, is there a way to reverse the trend? This book gives the answers. "
Language English
ISBN-10 81-85984-18-2
No of pages 231
Book Publisher Productivity & Quality Publishing Pvt Ltd
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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