The One Minute Mother.

Spencer Johnson



Previously unpublished in the UK, this book by best-selling co-author of The One Minute Manager and author of Who Moved My Cheese? shows the quickest way for mothers to help their children learn to like themselves and want to behave themselves.

With the pressures of 21st century working life an everyday topic of news and conversation, this book addresses the fundamental question of how to be a better mother. Adopting the same tell-a-simple-story approach as the other Blanchard and Johnson books, the story shows how to reach your own potential while helping your children reach theirs, how to develop their self-esteem and responsibility, and how to communicate effectively and enjoy one another more as a family.

Not only a ‘how-to’ for making time for your child, it also improves every second spent with them. This will be particularly useful to mothers of school-age children helping them empathize with their children and strengthen the parent-child bond.

What will you learn from this book

  1. One Minute Goals: Set clear, specific goals with your children. This involves sitting down with them to agree on what they need to accomplish and ensuring they understand what is expected of them.

  2. One Minute Praisings: Catch your children doing something right and praise them immediately. Be specific about what they did well, which helps reinforce positive behaviors and boosts their confidence.

  3. One Minute Reprimands: Address misbehavior as soon as it happens. Clearly explain what they did wrong and how it made you feel. After the reprimand, reaffirm your love and support to show that it is the behavior, not the child, that is the issue.

  4. Consistency: Be consistent in applying One Minute Goals, Praisings, and Reprimands. Consistency helps children understand expectations and feel secure in knowing the boundaries.

  5. Effective Communication: Use clear and concise communication. Whether setting goals, offering praise, or giving reprimands, ensure your messages are straightforward and easy to understand.

  6. Quality Time: Focus on the quality of interactions with your children rather than the quantity. Meaningful, engaged time together is more impactful than simply being physically present.

  7. Positive Reinforcement: Regularly acknowledge and celebrate your children’s achievements and good behavior. Positive reinforcement encourages them to continue making good choices.

  8. Empathy and Understanding: Show empathy and strive to understand your children’s perspectives. This helps build trust and a strong emotional connection.

  9. Modeling Behavior: Demonstrate the behavior you want to see in your children. They learn by observing you, so model kindness, respect, and responsibility in your daily actions.

  10. Emotional Support: Provide a supportive and loving environment. Make sure your children know they are loved unconditionally, which helps them feel secure and valued.

Language English
ISBN-10 0007191421
ISBN-13 9780007191420
No of pages 112
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Book Publisher Harper Collins Publishers
Published Date 11 Sep 2009

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