Wisdom For A Young Ceo

Doug Barry



At 14 years of age, author Douglas Barry started wondering what to do with his life. That's when this precocious teenager began writing to CEOs of major companies to seek their advice on how to reach the top of the career ladder.

The honest, heartfelt replies on finding success in the business world, from the CEOs of Eastman Kodak, McDonald's, Intel, Sprint, UPS, Viacom, and many other companies, provide inspiring life lessons for everyone.

Wisdom for a Young CEO includes pithy tidbits, longer essays, sidebars, tips, quotes, and reminiscences from more than 100 of the country's business leaders, focusing on such character issues as honesty, hard work, being true to oneself, integrity, leadership, and interpersonal skills. In surprising detail, many describe turning points in their own careers, outlining difficult moral and ethical decisions they've faced. Douglas Barry is sure to garner publicity from widespread media.

Language English
ISBN-10 0762418311
ISBN-13 9780762418312
No of pages 128
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Running Press
Published Date 14 Apr 2004

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Author : Doug Barry


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