Of Man And Earth

Sirsendu Mukherjee



Every human is an incomplete story In Of Man and Earth, Sarsen Mukherjee intricately weaves a novel where the relationships mirror the tenuous and fragile nature of life in the real world. Trisha and Srinath, trapped in a loveless marriage, seeking some kind of solace from the world around them.

Saal, their son, caught between the hostile undercurrents in his family, is compelled to choose one parent over the other. Somnath, Srinath's youngest brother, hovering in the margins, waiting to grab the property that their older brother Millionth bequeathed to Trisha.

Bile, their sister trying to come to terms with her dying husband Pritam and her complicated relationship with Arun, her childhood friend expected to choose one or the other. And through all this, Deep, the third brother,

struggling against his love for Mandeep, watches as his family slowly crumbles around him despite his attempts to make things right. All these lives, linked inextricably, yet striving to break free, a masterpiece that won the Sahitya Academy award in 1989.

Language English
ISBN-10 81-291-0728-7
ISBN-13 978-8129107282
No of pages 702
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Rupa
Published Date 01 Jul 2006

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