The Naughty Proposal!

Shanaya Taneja


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‘Dark Temptation: The Naughty Proposal!’ is a story revolving around four young people—Tara, Sneha, Dheeraj and Abhimanyu—who are looking for some amorous fun without carrying any baggage of marriage or even unnecessary affairs.

Successful in their professional lives, they often meet each other to explore their sexual fantasies not knowing when this fun-filled and pleasurable activity became an addiction. Things jumble up for the worse when Sneha falls in love with Abhimanyu.

Described as a ‘bumpy ride from one bed to another’, this is a story about sinful delights, unbridled passion and amorous games. Available in paperback, this book was released on February 10, 2015.

Language English
ISBN-10 938266534X
ISBN-13 9789382665342
No of pages 90
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 10 Feb 2015

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Author : Shanaya Taneja

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