This Too Shall Pass

Shantanu Jain



Time was running out for Shantilal. A choice had to be made between pursuing his passion that he had dreamt of all his life and being with his wife, Aaisha, the love of his life. It all started when he met Mishika, the only girl in his team. Until then, things were going well in his life. When there was no work at the office due to transition, and when two employees of the opposite sex started working together, the chemistry was bound to develop.

Their boring office life was rejuvenated. As they spent more time together, somehow, the "lost love" in his life rekindled. She introduced him to the virtual world through a social networking platform. During these obsessive moments, while he was immersed in the virtual world, his first love was brought in front of his eyes. That girl who stole his heart in their first meeting was all over his imagination.

While he was busy with Mishika, his obsession with the virtual world and his first love, the cloud of doubt had started hovering around Aaisha about his extramarital affairs. When he was at the pinnacle of success being awarded the Best Employee Award of his company, which he won only to fulfil his promise to his lovely wife, a shocking incident occurred like a bolt from the blue, and his life was shattered. He lost the ground when he found that his house was locked and Aaisha was nowhere to be seen.

All his efforts to contact her went in vain. While stuck on the roof on a cold night, waiting for his wife and wondering if she had left, he reminisces about his glorious love life and contemplates on the series of incidents that led to this catastrophe. Did he cross the line, which Aisha had warned him of? Will she ever come back to his life? Will he fulfil his dream or sacrifice it for her? He was dejected, devastated and broken but alive hoping that This Too Shall Pass.

Language English
ISBN-10 164587155X
ISBN-13 9781645871552
No of pages 218
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher notion press
Published Date 09 Aug 2019

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Author : Shantanu Jain


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