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Delegating Work is a book that is a part of the 20-Minute Manager series. It is important to delegate work in order to free up time and to get more productive work done. However, it is more important to know how to delegate work in order to ensure completion and maximum productivity. Delegating Work (20-Minute Manager) walks the reader through creating an environment of productivity, assigning work appropriately and knowing each individuals strengths and weaknesses, conducting effective meetings to hand work over and supervising without interfering too much in individual affairs.

The 20-Minute Manager series serves as a quick review guide for anyone who is taking on a new project or is planning on starting a new business. This book specifically talks about how to delegate work based on employee capability, how to coach an employee and how to allocate authority to an employee and possibly use it as a reward system.

Each book in this series works as a primer, introducing the busy professional to a particular required topic. Delegating Work (20-Minute Manager) was published in 2014 by the Harvard Business Review Press. The book is in English and is available in paperback.

Language English
ISBN-10 1633695794
ISBN-13 9781625272232
No of pages 92
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Harvard Business Press
Published Date 17 Jul 2014

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