Enterprise.com: Market Leadership In The Information Age

Jeff Papows



The ultimate insider's guide to the information economy, Enterprise.com offers the most incisive and powerful vision to date of the technology revolution. From his vantage point as CEO of one of the most progressive and widely known software companies, Jeff Papows offers a rare glimpse into the future of business, society, and culture in a truly networked world.Papows begins with the assumption that information technology (IT) has already permeated all facets of business—from automating systems and processes to empowering teams to redefining the most basic concepts of commerce (such as “customer,” “market,” and “industry”)—as organizations come to grips with the dynamics of a truly borderless, twenty-four-hour world.

He then takes these trends to their logical, and inevitable conclusion: the rise of the “market-facing enterprise,” in which all relationships and functions are enhanced—even defined—through technology, and the focus moves from inside the company to its vast network of suppliers, distributors, customers, and partners.But Enterprise.com goes far beyond the traditional boundaries of business. Drawing from the pioneering contributions of Lotus, as well as showcasing examples from innovators in such diverse industries as insurance and aerospace, Papows explores the profound implications of the IT revolution.At his most provocative, Papows considers the challenges that lie ahead, especially as individuals, businesses, and governments clash over issues such as privacy, encryption, common standards, and regulations.

Language English
ISBN-10 9780738200644
No of pages 240
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Book Publisher Basic Books
Published Date 06 Nov 1998

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