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"""To play for your country is the greatest honour, whether it is marbles or anything. When I received a telegram as a 19-year-old to say that I had been selected to play for the Socceroos, I went to the bathroom and cried my eyes out for hours. That is what it meant and that is what it should always mean"" - Johnny Warren ""Everytime I put the shirt on before a Socceroo game, it was just something else. I can't really explain it...but I was walking on clouds and had goosebumps all over"" - Mehmet Durakovic The Socceroos are our national soccer team and have played far and wide.

Their story is one of occasional triumph, heartache and battling the odds. Not long ago, Socceroos had to work while representing their countries. These days, they can earn millions of dollars on the lucrative fields of international club competition. They used to nail their own studs into ankle-high boots and sweat under thick, woollen, green jumpers sporting a big gold V. Now they wear multi-coloured, personalised lightweight boots and high-tech shirts.

But they have all worn their hearts on their sleeves and united behind the hard work, passion, sacrifice and commitment needed to earn the right to be called a Socceroo. Twenty-six Socceroo legends - from the 1940's to today - tell their personal stories. Collectively, they paint a picture of Australia's soccer history and its reflection of our multicultural nation. Their stories are Australia's story. "

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