The Imperfect Leader: A Story about Discovering the Not-So-Secret Secrets of Transformational Leadership

Davis H. Taylor


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The story told in The Imperfect Leader is's's powerful...and it will challenge the way you think about leadership. It is a story that reveals a new model for transformational leadership-one that flies in the face of conventional wisdom, creates healthy corporate cultures, and delivers extraordinary, sustainable results. It is a story about the personal journey transformational leaders must take in order to be true to themselves-to be in touch with themselves-and to find at journey's end that it's not about them.

The Imperfect Leader will resonate with leaders at all levels and in every walk of life. It guides, equips and motivates leaders, young and old, to understand the necessity for personal transformation that is required for leaders to make a difference in their organizations.

George Gallup, Jr. (The Gallup Organization) said this about The Imperfect Leader: "There is one true and effective model for leadership that outperforms all others-it is time-tested and historically proven to be the leadership model for transformational change. In The Imperfect Leader, Taylor offers an interesting, well written articulation of that model. It is a very practical book that should be read by any leader seriously intending to make a difference-in their organization-or in the world."

Language English
ISBN-10 9781434320841
ISBN-13 9781434320841
No of pages 164
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Authorhouse
Published Date 21 Aug 2007

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Author : Davis H. Taylor


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