Upper Cut : A Change India Initiative

Navin Gulia



"UPPER CUT: A CHANGE INDIA INITIATIVE" is an effort to bring into limelight the deep-rooted social evils which are responsible somewhere for the paralytic situation of the country. The rape cases like Nirbhaya, Gudiya, acid attacks deteriorating the body and soul of a girl, dowry deaths, human trafficking, child abuse and lot more are the issues which demands serious attention of the society. The idea of Upper Cut is aimed to raise the voices together against the social evils in the form of a collection of 25 short stories by most splendid writers of India to ignite the transformation in the guild . An idea which meant to break the hardbound rules and orthodox customs for the sustainable development of the humanity.

This is an idea which brings together the brilliant authors to protest with the greatest weapon ever - the Mighty Pen - which indeed has a power to change the mindset and lead the nation in better ways. Apart from that Upper Cut is an attempt to give a re-birth to the dying patriotism in the youth which bestows the Goosebumps while listening to the Jana Gana Mana, and that incomparable pride feeling of being an Indian.

Language English
ISBN-10 8192932478
ISBN-13 9788192932477
No of pages 280
Book Publisher Red-Ink Publishers
Published Date 01 Jan 2014

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Author : Navin Gulia


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