Customer Relationship Management Essentials

John W Gosney & Thomas P Boehm


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The Internet represents a major change to the traditional business model. An online vendor never physically sees customers and therefore needs to implement different measures to attract and retain custome The CRM tools and practices can not only help in this regard but are essential to the online strategy for any successful online business.This book focuses on the important aspects of successful CRM strategies in e-commerce and the role that Web sites play in these strategies. It highlights how proper design issues such as content placement on a Web site can improve e-customer support. The book addresses each of the primary components of a successful CRM strategy-pre-order, point-of-order and post-order customer-support issues-and relates them to analysis of successful case studies of some CRM-enabled e-commerce sites, to explain how to ensure a smooth customer transition from one step to the next. Table of Contents Introduction.

Part I: THE EVOLUTION OF THE E-CONOMY BUSINESS MODEL OF CRM-Business Process Models and CRM. Foundations of Customer-Centric Business. Pre-Order Customer-Support Issues. Point-of-Order Customer-Support Issues. Post-Order Customer-Support Issues. Part II: ANALYSIS OF SUCCESSFUL CRM SITES-CRM Case Study: Circuit City CRM Case Study: Marsh Supermarkts CRM Case Study:

CRM Case Study: The Gap Part III: APPENDIXES-A: Mechanics of a Successful CRM Web Interface. B: Pushing the Support Envelope: Total Process Coordination. C: CRM Gallery. D: E-Commerce Essentials.Index. User Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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Published Date 01 Jan 2001

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