India Unbound: From Independence to the Global Information Age

Gurcharan Das



India Unbound is the riveting story of a nation's rise from poverty to prosperity and the clash of ideas that occurred along the way. Today's India is a vibrant free-market democracy, and it has begun to flex its muscles in the global information economy. The old centralized, bureaucratic state, which stifled industrial growth, is on the decline; the lower castes have risen confidently through the ballot box; and the middle class has tripled in the last two decades. This economic and social transformation is one of the major themes of this book.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Economic Liberalization: The book examines India's transition from a socialist economy to a more open and market-oriented economy, emphasizing the significance of economic liberalization reforms initiated in the early 1990s.

  2. Globalization and Growth: Discusses how globalization has influenced India's growth trajectory, enabling the country to become a more integrated part of the global economy.

  3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Emphasizes the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in driving economic growth, fostering a spirit of enterprise among Indians.

  4. Challenges and Opportunities: Explores the challenges faced by India, such as poverty, infrastructure deficits, and social disparities, while also highlighting the opportunities for growth and development.

  5. Cultural Transformation: Discusses the changing social and cultural landscape of India amid economic reforms, addressing shifts in values, aspirations, and societal dynamics.

  6. Role of Leadership and Governance: Examines the role of political leadership and governance in shaping India's economic policies and progress.

  7. Information Technology and Services: Highlights the role of the IT industry and service sectors in India's economic development, showcasing their growth and global competitiveness.

  8. Rural-Urban Dynamics: Explores the dynamics between rural and urban India, discussing the challenges and opportunities for balanced development.

  9. Education and Human Capital: Discusses the importance of education and human capital development in India's transformation, addressing the need for skilled labor and knowledge-based industries.

  10. Reflections on India's Future: The book offers insights and reflections on India's future prospects, discussing the potential paths and challenges for sustained growth and development.

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Book Publisher Penguin Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2012

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