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In Dr. Adizes’ newest book, “How to Manage in Times of Crisis,” you will learn how to prepare for approaching challenges so that you can navigate your company through the tumultuous times of crises. Within the book, you will learn: • Recommendations for how to manage during times of crisis and what companies must do in order to survive times of crisis, • Methods to avoid the common mistakes companies make during times of crises, • The importance of analyzing and changing your organization’s structure according to a changing environment, • How to deal with extremely rapid change in business and create a sustainable internal culture. • The two vital things that all companies must preserve to keep your business alive during times of crises. A MOST IMPORTANT BOOK FOR TODAY’S TIMES!! Dr. Ichak Adizes Dr. Adizes is one of the world^s leading experts on organizational performance and change. Over the past 35 years, he has worked with some of the world^s largest corporations and consulted with many heads of state. Dr Adizes is also a noted author and has lectured in in more than 40 countries.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Mindset and Resilience: The book might emphasize the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and developing resilience to navigate through crises effectively.

  2. Self-Talk and Positive Affirmations: Helmstetter could advocate for the power of positive self-talk and affirmations to manage stress, anxiety, and maintain a focused mindset during turbulent times.

  3. Adapting to Change: The book might discuss strategies for embracing change and adapting quickly to unexpected situations or disruptions.

  4. Crisis Management Techniques: Helmstetter may provide practical techniques and tools for managing crises, including problem-solving skills, decision-making strategies, and stress reduction methods.

  5. Leadership during Uncertainty: For leaders, the book could offer guidance on leading teams through crises, maintaining morale, and making tough decisions with empathy and clarity.

  6. Emotional Intelligence: Helmstetter might stress the importance of emotional intelligence, including self-awareness and empathy, in managing oneself and understanding others during difficult times.

  7. Creating Supportive Networks: The book may highlight the significance of building and relying on support networks, seeking guidance, and offering assistance to others during crises.

  8. Adaptive Behavior and Flexibility: Helmstetter could discuss the need for adaptive behavior and flexibility, encouraging readers to be open to new ideas and approaches in crisis situations.

  9. Maintaining Balance: Balancing personal and professional life during crises could be a key focus, emphasizing self-care, time management, and prioritization.

  10. Learning and Growth: Finally, the book might encourage a growth mindset, emphasizing that crises can be opportunities for learning, personal development, and innovation.

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Published Date 01 Jan 2013

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