The Collaborative Organization :A Strategic Guide To Solving Your Internal Business Challenges Using Emerging Social & Collaborative Tools

Jacob Morgan


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While there are few guarantees in business these days, there is one simple truth we can all agree upon: Companies that embrace social and collaborative technologies and strategies stand the best chances of succeeding; thosewho don’t will fail.

Still, the question remains: How do you get the most out of these world-changing tools and how do you develop strategies to succeed?

Jacob Morgan, the cofounder of Chess Media Group, says that you have to start where it all begins--with your employees--and in The Collaborative Organization, he shows how to do it.

In this nuts-and-bolts guide, Morgan provides the information, insight, and strategic framework you need to use emergent collaborative software behind your company's firewall to solve business problems, unearth new opportunities, and drive innovation.

The Collaborative Organization takes you from the starting gate to the finish line of creating and executing a profit-driving, growthfocused strategy that leverages the power of social and collaborative technologies and strategies in your company. Learn all there is to know about:

Using collaborative technology to transform your business

Avoiding risks that come with making social technology part of your organizational DNA

Choosing the right software and technologies for your specific needs

Getting every employee on board

Assessing your organization's collaborative readiness

Building teams to lead collaboration

Motivating employees to make social technologies part of their everyday routine

Measuring and sustaining the success of your strategy

Dozens of case studies and contributions from companies from around the world, such as the Children's Hospital, the U.S. Department of State, UPS, Vanguard, and Pabst Brewing Co., clearly illustrate what works, what doesn't, and why.

Whether your company has 100 employees or 100,000, The Collaborative Organization gives you what you need to get everyone on board to foster lasting success and growth in today's uncertain but exciting business landscape.

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Published Date 16 Aug 2012

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