Weaving Water: An Autobiography

Ajeet Cour





Heart-warming and candid, this is the story of one of our foremost literary voices, told in her own words a life beset by tragedy which yet carries a message of courage, hope and happiness.

Growing up in pre-Partition Lahore, Ajeet Cour spent a childhood wrapped in warm and enticing experiences, despite her disciplinarian father. From such a beginning, her life moves on to a first, true love that is lost on account of a misunderstanding, a violent, bitter marriage that leaves her with two young children to support, the death of a beloved child and the loss, again, of love when at last she seems to have found it. But despite the tragedy that always seems to follow her, Ajeet Cour’s story is one of courage, hope and a sort of happiness, as she finds her eventual refuge in herself.


'The best part or the message of this memoirs is author’s pugnacious spirit that refused to be cowed down and caved in. Any person in her place, would have thrown in the towel in the face of the relentless punches of a ruthlessly pugilist life. But Ajeet is made of sterner stuff.—Free Press Journal

'It’s a book for those who believe that life is to be lived with gusto and gravity. Finally, the English translation is remarkable as the duo captured even the minutest details and nuances of the original Punjabi. Kudos to both.Free Press Journal

Language English
ISBN-10 9386702487
ISBN-13 978-9386702487
No of pages 368
Book Publisher Speaking Tiger Books
Published Date 10 Mar 2018

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Author : Ajeet Cour


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