Time aberration

Rahul Sharma


In Circulation



Jeff had shown some of his pictures with him that made him believe that he was not lying. But they both failed to understand the theory behind this. They have started working on some theories but most of the time, they had failed to come to any conclusions.

How come someone’s existence just vanished suddenly? He replied, you are a Time Aberration.
This is the story of Jeff, a young intelligent boy, who has all the happiness in his life. A beautiful girl, Jessica who loved him like a million stars in the sky. His father who works at a cybertech is a renowned scientist. College hood, where everyone admires him and glorified with his intelligence.

He has a perfect life and yet, he wants to kill himself since he came to know the mysterious thing about his existence.
A small change in timeline leads to a catastrophic event and here, he was saved by a stranger who somehow knew all the answers to Jeff’s existence.

Language English
ISBN-10 9781642495560
ISBN-13 9781642495560
No of pages 112
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Rahul Sharma
Published Date 01 Jan 2018

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Author : Rahul Sharma


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