Winning Strategies In Selling

Jack Kinder



The Kinders and Roger Staubach provide you a treasure chest of proven tactics to get instant attention from every prospect, stay in control of the sales process, devise and use a special closing strategy, deal with the toughest person, "the silent buyer," and ways to get more repeat business. You will also discover the 13 Winning Traits of Super Salespeople.

Some of the Things You Can Look Forward To: 1 Winning Pre-Approach Strategies. 2 How to Gain Positive Interest in Your Prospect. 3 Presentation That Help the Prospect Buy With Confidence. 4 Strategies for Controlling Objections and Converting Them into Sales. 5 Leading the Prospect to the Buying Decision. 6 Importance of Follow-Through & Handling Complaints. 7 How to Profit from Time Management in Selling. 8 Keeping Up the Vital Self-Image & Expecting to Win. 9 Five Steps to Prosperous Goal Setting and Action Planning. 10 The Thirteen Winning Traits of Super Salesperson.

Language English
ISBN-10 9788188452927
No of pages 264
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Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2008

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