The Thing About Jane Spring

Sharon Krum



Cinderella meets Legally Blonde - the irresistible new novel from the bestselling author of Walk of Fame Jane Spring just can't work out where she's going wrong. A New York District Attorney, she's successful, organized, opinionated, self-sufficient and intelligent, so why hasn't' she got a man? Brought up by her military father in a regimented family, she can't think what more a man could want. An ability to talk about baseball?

Then, when a blizzard hits and she's forced to stay at home for two days, she finds the answer. Drinking her way through a depressing afternoon stuck inside, she turns on the TV and finds a Doris Day marathon. And it comes to her: men say they want someone smart, ambitious and sexually available, but what they really want is a little blonde virgin with frosted pink lipstick, tight pencil skits and kitten heels. That's where she's been going wrong! And so Jane Spring sets out to reinvent herself. If that's what men want, that's what she'll give them...

Language English
ISBN-10 9781844138050
ISBN-13 9781844138050
No of pages 336
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Century
Published Date 01 Jul 2005

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Author : Sharon Krum


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