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John W.Newstrom


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The Most innovative, effective, and stimulating professional training sourcebook ever devised!

Looking to add spark and excitement to your training sessions AND achieve dramatically better results than you’re getting now? Here’s the book that shows you how. It’s packed with over 100 different games, activities, and exercises that have been field-tested and proven highly effective by some of America’s most experienced and innovative trainers in teaching a variety of important business skills in ways that are challenging and fun for the participants. Included are:

Games to develop leadership ability and build self-confidence

Brain teasers that enhance problem-solving skills and boost creativity

Exercises that teach people to be cooperative and enthusiastic team players

Games that dramatically improve communication skills---from speaking in public to knowing how to listen

Plus proven icebreakers guaranteed to grab―and hold―any group’s attention

All these exercises can be administered in thirty minutes or less at little or no cost. If you’re a professional trainer who wants to achieve results and have fun in the process, you won’t find a better book in your field than this one!

Language English
ISBN-10 0-07-059699-9
No of pages 303
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Book Publisher Tata Mcgraw-Hill
Published Date 22 Jul 2014

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