Happionaire's Cash The Crash.

Yogesh Chabria



Happionaire's Cash The Crash is the book the guys responsible for the crash don't want you to read, it will help you understand how to invest and create wealth in a fun, simple and interesting away. Happionaire's CTC will reveal- How to benfit from crashes, slowdowns and recessions, The Big Crash and how it happened, How the sub prime Pav bhaji changed the world, Rober Hood and The Bail out package, The secret of Free cash and Free Assets, How to be like the Monk who Mortgaged His Ferrari, What the Rich Guys actually mean when they say the economy is terrible, The Greatest Destruction of wealth in History, Why this is one of the best opportunities in history for India, Going from crash to cash, Why having no money is a great opportunity, How a simple idea helped a 23 year old make over a billion dollars in less than four years, Do we have Pet Elephants in India, How to understand Financial Statements like balance Sheet, Profit and Loss in a fun way, How to understand real Estate, Commodities and currency, The Monkey who didn't buy his Ferrari, Analysing one of my investments, What Shahrukh khan can teach you about investing, How to detect a crash before it comes, Future Investment Opportunities, Why you never have to be unemployed, The solution to the global financial crisis and why America can go bankrupt if they don't follow it and much more.

Language English
ISBN-10 9788190647953
No of pages 265
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Network18 Publications Pvt Ltd
Published Date 01 Oct 2009

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