The Violent Potter

Shobna Subramanian



Loving family. Trusty, warm, comforting. Sometimes, love may fail the moment, as with Babu or falter, as with Neha and Raju. Family demand may clash with the emotional world of the child, their laughter tripped up by rules, shadowed by opinions, marred by rage or blocked by apathy. Trust vanishes. Family loses promise. Slow realisation dawns. Love is nowhere. Yet, love may take charge, as with Rajan and Sona. Family moulds itself to hear the unspoken, to clarify the unclear. Honest conversation and laughter rule. Family holds promise. Love is in process, in outcome. Love is everywhere.

Language English
ISBN-13 ‎9789390266685
No of pages 152
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 14 Aug 2020

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Author : Shobna Subramanian


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