Ronaldo: The Journey of a Genius.

James Mosley


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Ronaldo: The Journey of a Genius encapsulates the highs and lows of the Brazilian football star's remarkable career to date. Brimming with exclusive interviews and full of revealing new insights into his life and personality, this is the definitive Ronaldo biography.

James Mosley's exclusive access to the footballer's close management and advisers allows him to reveal the inside story of Ronaldo's explosive impact on the world game at Barcelona in 1997, the mysterious events of the World Cup final at France '98 and the horrendous knee injury that threatened to finish his career. After making a remarkable recovery to lift the World Cup in 2002 and win the Golden Boot award, Ronaldo has since returned to his prolific goal-scoring ways at Real Madrid.

Ronaldo: The Journey of a Genius reveals how the star rose from humble beginnings in Rio de Janeiro to become a football phenomenon, on a par with David Beckham in terms of fame, recognition and marketability. His wealth has been massively boosted by countless advertising and sponsorship deals, which have in turn enhanced his status as an idol around the world. This exhaustive biography also takes us off the pitch to unearth aspects of Ronaldo's private life, including the circumstances behind the failure of his first marriage and his recent ups and downs with various Brazilian supermodels.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-1845961145
ISBN-13 9781845961145
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Book Publisher Mainstream Publishing
Published Date 01 Jun 2006

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