Pinocchio: The Runaway Puppet

Ruskin Bond , Carlo Collodi



The ever popular, unforgettable story of a puppet who came to life.

Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who comes alive and starts talking and running about. When Pinocchio is sent to school, he decides to sell his school books and join a puppet show. From there start his many adventures which take him all over the countryside, making enemies like the Fox and Cat, getting turned into a donkey, being swallowed by a whale and ending up with the Blue Fairy who promises to turn him into a real boy if he stops being naughty.

The story of Pinocchio has been read and adored by children for more than a century. With this new edition introduced by Ruskin Bond, the inquisitive and mischievous Pinocchio’s incredible adventures will entertain and amuse readers once more.

Language English
ISBN-13 9789387164864
No of pages 200
Book Publisher Speaking Tiger Books
Published Date 10 Feb 2018

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Author : Ruskin Bond

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