Beware In The Graveyard

Satyajit Ray



Feluda is a professional detective with a super sharp brain. His cousin Topshe and friend Lalmohan Ganguli team up with him to capture devious culprits and solve puzzling mysteries. Satyajit Ray s adventures of Feluda have been avidly read by children for years. Now Feluda appears in an exciting comic book series.

A sudden violent storm takes Kolkata by surprise.. It also leaves Narendra Nath Biswas injured, hit by a falling tree in the Park Street Cemetery ...or was it the work of some unknown assailant? Feluda starts his own investigations and soon encounters enough questions to puzzle his matchless intellect. Who was Thomas Godwin and why is someone digging up his grave? What is a Perigal Repeater?

Who is this mysterious N.M. Biswas? In his search for answers, Feluda digs up the fascinating history of the Godwin family, going back to nineteenth-century Lucknow and learns about Thomas Godwin s precious heirloom.

Language English
ISBN-13 9780143331100
No of pages 40
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher puffin
Published Date 09 Aug 2009

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