I Have A Dream.

Rashmi Bansal





The book, ‘I have a Dream’ is a collection of 20 stories which reveal the success of various entrepreneurs that have made a big difference in the world. It is an inspiring book that sheds light on various aspects of entrepreneurship and talks about how one can overcome the various hurdles that come along with it. The in-depth research and griping narrative make this book an engaging read. This book has been written by Rashmi Bansal.

How does an entrepreneur earn profits and become successful without hurting the environment or people around them? How does an entrepreneur develop not only his business but also the society he lives in? This book through the story of 20 entrepreneurs reflects how conventional problems of the society can be solved using innovative techniques. The author has divided the book in three categories - Rainmakers, Change makers and The Spiritual Capitalists. This segregation is based on the type of business model utilized by these entrepreneurs and its impact on the society.

The first section of rainmakers includes businesses with the primary aim of not earning profit but helping the society. It includes stories of Bindeshwar Pathak, the man who established Sulabh International and Sumita Ghosh who started the Rangsutra, despite the murder of her husband by ULFA terrorists. Another inspiring story is that of Anand Kumar, who is famous for his coaching class Super 30 that mentors 30 poor students every year for the preparation of IIT JEE exams. The 'Change makers' section talks about people who created a revolution by taking small steps.

It includes stories of Madhav Chavan, founder of Pratham and Anshu Gupta, the founder of Goonj. Spiritual Capitalists comprises of stories of Madhu Pandit Dasa and Vinay Lokhani of Parivaar Ashram.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789380658384
No of pages 337
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Bushfire Publishers
Published Date 02 Jun 2011

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