Buddha His Life In Images.

Michael Jordan



A glorious celebration of Buddha in art, Buddha brings together centuries of beautiful sculpture and painting from the East. Richly gilded and jewelled bronzes, elaborate and colourful paintings, intricately embroidered silk hangings, and statuesque rock carvings display the ingenuity of the artists of the past. Expert contributors have selected the most significant works from the key regions: the Indian subcontinent, China, Tibet, Japan, and Indonesia.

Buddhism was founded in India circa 525 BC; many works pre-date Christian art and show the sophistication of these early cultures. Succinct essays explain the background to each region and feature spreads provide additional information on topics such as the cave complexes of China, where more than a thousand rock carvings pay homage to Buddha.

Today, Buddhism has many followers around the world, including many artists and celebrities. The philosophy and the art of Buddhism has had a huge influence on the West, from the beat generation through the hippie movement to contemporary new age adherents. Whether your primary interest is in the art alone or the Buddhist religion, Buddha reveals a rich vein of creativity to inspire and contemplate.

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