Monster Stocks: How They Set Up, Run Up, Top and Make You Money

John Boik


In Circulation

Everything you need to know to get in on the ground floor of the next Google!

Monster Stocks gives you the expert guidance you need to add the explosive power of breakout stocks to your portfolio. You'll find everything you need to consistently spot stocks that have the potential to at the very least, double in value in a year or less - and change your life forever!

Delivered in clear, concise language by market researcher John Boik, Monster Stocks gives you the tools you need to land super-performing stocks and handle them for maximum profit, market cycle after market cycle. Boik mines the history of the market to uncover the common conditions that must be in place for monster stocks to materialize. You'll learn how to easily identify these trends with the help of real-world monster stock case studies, from Yahoo! and Schwab to Apple, Broadcom, and many more.

Make your fortune with Monster Stocks!

  • Know when to buy and when to sell for tremendous profit
  • Understand how the pros identify and handle market leaders
  • Learn from the great super-stocks of the past
  • Break your bad stock investing habits for good!
  • Gain valuable insight into selecting future monster stocks

What will you learn from this book

  1. Identifying High-Growth Stocks: Understanding the traits and fundamental characteristics of stocks that have the potential to experience substantial growth, often referred to as "monster stocks."

  2. Technical Analysis and Chart Patterns: Exploring technical analysis tools and chart patterns used to identify potential monster stocks, including breakout patterns and trend analysis.

  3. Catalysts for Growth: Analyzing factors that can trigger significant growth in stocks, such as innovative products, disruptive technologies, industry trends, or market demand shifts.

  4. Stock Set-Up Phases: Understanding the phases that monster stocks go through, including their formation, breakout, and subsequent price movements.

  5. Entry and Exit Strategies: Developing effective entry and exit strategies for investing in monster stocks, including timing purchases during consolidation and selling during signs of topping.

  6. Risk Management: Emphasizing risk management techniques when investing in high-growth stocks, including setting stop-loss orders and managing position sizes.

  7. Market Psychology: Understanding investor psychology and sentiment during the rise and fall of monster stocks, including herd behavior and emotional biases.

  8. Case Studies and Historical Examples: Examining real-world examples and case studies of successful monster stocks and analyzing their patterns and characteristics.

  9. Monitoring and Adaptation: Stressing the importance of continuous monitoring and adapting strategies based on changing market conditions and stock behavior.

  10. Learning from Mistakes: Encouraging investors to learn from past mistakes and failures, and emphasizing the importance of resilience and continuous learning in stock investing.

Language English
ISBN-10 1265621314
ISBN-13 9781265621315
No of pages 238
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Book Publisher McGraw-Hill Education
Published Date 16 Nov 2007

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Author : John Boik


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