Trail of Blood A Woman in Amber

Valerie Blue Dam-at Claveria , DPA




The journals content are some diary articles, some encouraging words sent via text messages, some plans and ponderings, a reflection of my life transitioning from college to my next venture which is employment or the entry into corporate world. God sealed with me a covenant to Obey Him with glad reckless joy and abandon. There comes a time in one’s life when we experience spiritual dryness. This book is a wonderful journey of winning over the battle of the black curtain or the big “D” short for depression which the author calls occasional melancholic blues. The author triumphed over a long saga of countless attractions and relinquishing control and she allowed God to break her so that she will be made whole. The second part of the book is a compilation of Pastor Velasco Legasi’s timely and challenging preaching to live out a victorious Christian life and documented the foundation that laid out the tenets and canon of a Bible Believing Conservative Baptist Church. From her college journal, Valerie Blue Dam-at Claveria shows how you can cultivate a deeper relationship with God. She shares that the safest place on earth is to be living “inside the will of God.” Trail of Blood—A Woman in Amber is a journal that will keep you rooted in God’s word and a must-have book for every Christian who has a rightful heritage to be a child of God.

Language English
No of pages 153
Book Publisher Ukiyoto Publishing
Published Date 01 Aug 2022

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