As Long As I love You

Nikhil Mahajan



As Long As I Love You is a romance story that focusses on the fact that, while love is a beautiful thing, it tends to leave several broken hearts in its wake.

The book features Manav as its protagonist and revolves around his romantic entanglements. Other characters that fill the story with the fresh and relatable personalities are Diva, Meha, Gauri, Kabir, and Karan. Manav spends much of his time courting Meha, who he believes himself to be in love with. Just as he manages to get Meha to reciprocate his feelings for her, Manav changes his mind and decides that he is in love with Diva. Diva, however, is still in love with her ex-boyfriend, Kabir.

Manav woos her tirelessly and finally manages to make Diva fall in love with him. They begin to date, but just as their relationship begins to blossom, Kabir re-enters Diva’s, causing her to leave Manav for him. Manav is heartbroken, and seeks distraction and comfort in a physical relationship with his teacher. Gauri is a girl who knows of all of Manav’s escapades but still has a crush on him. Manav decides that he is better off with her, but just as he proposes to an elated Gauri, Diva comes back to him.

Karan is the quintessential best friend, and remains by Manav’s side, advising and supporting him through all of his ups and downs. What will Manav do now? As Long As I Love You was published in Srishti Publishers & Distributors in 2011 in paperback.

Language English
ISBN-10 9380349440
ISBN-13 978-9380349442
No of pages 141
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 01 Jan 2011

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Author : Nikhil Mahajan


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