Negotiating the Impossible

Deepak Malhotra


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Some negotiations are easy. Others are difficult. Conflict is escalating, people are getting aggressive, and no one is willing to back off in any situation. And to top it all, you have little power, money, or other resources to work with. Negotiation consultant advisor Deepak Malhotra shows how to defuse even the most potentially explosive situation and to find success in one that is deadlocked.

He illustrates key lessons using behind-the-scenes stories of fascinating real-life negotiations, including drafting the US Constitution, resolving the Cuban Missile Crisis, beating the odds in complex business situations and reiterates that the same principles can be applied in everyday life too.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Creative Problem-Solving: Explores innovative and unconventional approaches to negotiation, focusing on breaking deadlocks and finding solutions to complex conflicts.

  2. Strategic Thinking: Emphasizes strategic thinking and planning in negotiations, including understanding the underlying interests and motivations of parties involved.

  3. Managing Emotions: Discusses techniques for managing emotions and overcoming psychological barriers that hinder conflict resolution.

  4. Building Trust: Explores strategies for building trust and rapport, essential for fostering constructive dialogue and finding common ground.

  5. Interest-Based Negotiation: Advocates for an interest-based negotiation approach, encouraging parties to focus on underlying needs and interests rather than fixed positions.

  6. Dealing with Resistance: Offers insights into handling resistance, objections, and challenging behaviors during negotiations.

  7. Communication Skills: Emphasizes effective communication strategies, active listening, and clarity in conveying messages during negotiations.

  8. Creating Value: Discusses how to create value and expand the pie, seeking outcomes that benefit all parties involved in the negotiation.

  9. Negotiation Ethics: Addresses ethical considerations and principles in negotiation processes, advocating for fairness, integrity, and professionalism.

  10. Case Studies and Examples: Provides real-life case studies and examples illustrating successful conflict resolution strategies and their application in challenging situations.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-9352640171
No of pages 224
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Book Publisher Collins
Published Date 22 Aug 2016

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