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Martin Johnson is the towering second row forward who has come to set the standards of what a modern, professional rugby player should do. His drive and physical presence mean that he is a natural leader on the pitch - and off it, too.

In this autobiography he looks at how the sport has changed since going professional in 1995 and the issues this has raised. He explains why he led the England team to the brink of a strike in the autumn of 2000 and provides revealing insights into England's World Cup campaigns, the Lions tours and all the goings-on that make rugby the sport it is.

 Martin Johnson has achieved all there is to achieve in rugby since making his England debut in 1992. He has captained his club, Leicester, to all the major honours, winning four successive league titles (1999-2002) and two European cups (2001-2002); he's led England with huge success, including the 2003 Grand Slam, winning 74 caps by May 2003 and captaining the British Lions on two tours.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Early Life and Introduction to Rugby: Johnson shares details about his upbringing, introduction to rugby, and the early experiences that shaped his passion for the sport.

  2. Professional Rugby Career: The autobiography covers Johnson's professional rugby career, including his time playing for Leicester Tigers in the English Premiership and his achievements at the international level with England.

  3. Leadership and Captaincy: Johnson reflects on his role as a leader and captain, discussing the responsibilities, challenges, and rewards of leading a successful rugby team.

  4. Rugby World Cup Success: The book highlights Johnson's pivotal role in England's historic Rugby World Cup victory in 2003, including memorable matches, key moments, and the team's journey to becoming world champions.

  5. Rivalries and Competitions: Johnson discusses the intense rivalries and competitions in rugby, both domestically and internationally, and the fierce determination required to succeed at the highest level.

  6. Team Dynamics: The autobiography delves into the dynamics of team building, camaraderie, and the bonds formed among players in a high-pressure sporting environment.

  7. Training and Preparation: Johnson provides insights into the rigorous training regimes, preparation strategies, and mental toughness required to excel in professional rugby.

  8. Injuries and Setbacks: The book acknowledges the physical toll of rugby, including injuries, setbacks, and the resilience needed to overcome challenges and continue performing at a high level.

  9. Legacy and Impact: Johnson reflects on his legacy in the world of rugby, his impact on the sport, and the lessons he learned throughout his career that continue to inspire future generations of players.

  10. Life After Rugby: The autobiography concludes with Johnson's transition into life after rugby, including his experiences as a coach, pundit, and ambassador for the sport, as well as his insights into the evolving landscape of rugby union.

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