Managing For The Future

Peter F Drucker


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Managing for the Future offers stimulating and profitable reading for both existing Druckers disciples and those new to his writing.This collection of thirty-five finely balanced articles and essays,plus an interview and afterword, was planned by the author from the beginning to be published eventuallly in one volume and as variations on one unifying theme - the challenges of tomorrow that face the execute today. What kind of tomorrow it will be depends heavily on the knowledge,insight,foresight and competence of the decision makers of today.The future is in the hands of executives who are already fully occupied with the daily crisis, and for whom the daily crisis is the one absolutely predictable event in their working day.It is to these people that this new Drucker volume is addressed, to enable them to see and to understand the long - range implications and impacts of their immediate,everyday,urgent actions and decisions. Managing for the Future not only aims at providing and promoting knowledge,insight,foresight and competence - it aims at creating vision.
Language English
ISBN-10 81-8147-381-7
No of pages 287
Book Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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