The Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown


The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction that introduces readers to Robert Langdon, a noted symbologist and Professor at Harvard. He is informed that Jacques Saunière, the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion and a curator at the Louvre Museum was brutally murdered. His body was arranged in the same pose as Da Vinci's famous Vitruvian Man. Silas, an albino monk had shot Saunière. Before succumbing to his death, Saunière had left a coded message written with his blood and Professor Langdon is called upon to decode the message. The plot goes further to reveal that Silas is working at the behest of a person whose only identity is Teacher. The Teacher is trying to locate a keystone, which will eventually lead to the Holy Grail. Professor Langdon also meets Sophie Neveu, a cryptographer who informs him that Saunière is her grandfather. Sophie had not been in touch with her grandfather for years as she believed him to be part of a pagan group. Bezu Fache, the police captain, thinks Professor Langdon is involved in Saunière's murder. The Da Vinci Code moves forward with the professor and Sophie arriving at Sir Leigh Teabing's house. He is Professor Langdon's friend and has immense knowledge about the Holy Grail. Sophie and the professor also retrieve a cryptex containing clues that Saunière had left his granddaughter. With the police hot on their trail, they have to solve the cryptic message while also uncovering a bigger conspiracy that is brewing against the Vatican. This paperback was released by Anchor in 2006.
Language English
ISBN-10 0-552-14951-9
No of pages 604
Book Publisher Corgi Books
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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