The Tenth Unknown

Jvalant Nalin Sampat





Mixed with facts and fiction, The Tenth Unknown is a thriller stretch across ages. Covering Magadha in the year 232 BC, where Emperor Asoka sits on the throne of India, and extending till 1947, when India gains independence, this suspense thriller has a historical backdrop with traces of mythology.

A set of nine books by Emperor Asoka describe the world’s best secrets, which when combined together offer the reader boundless power and wealth. The emperor appoints a secret society to safeguard these books; this responsibility has been passed on from legacy, generation after generation. The ruins of Nalanda hold the keys to locating the nine books which, on unison, will lead the reader to supremacy.

Prithvi, is satisfied in his convenient life that revolves around the game of cricket, but he soon finds himself dragged into a race. Prithvi’s grandfather, who is a member of the secret society, insists that Prithvi must trace all the books and secure them.

Meanwhile Adolf Hitler is in possession of one of these books and wants to trace the others. He appoints an unconventional Nazi officer, Joseph Heilder, to complete this task. Prithvi must now race against Heilder to solve the secrets that the ruins of Nalanda nest. In a rat-race between good and evil, who will the odds favour? This mythological fiction uncovers a thrilling story that keeps the reader on edge till the end.

Language English
ISBN-10 9788189738976
ISBN-13 9788189738976
No of pages 288
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Niyogi Books
Published Date 04 Jun 2011

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