Motivation On The Go

Priya Kumar





In today‘s stressed filled environment, people have lost on reflection and creative thinking. They are so busy being busy, and so stressed being stressed that there is no longer an analysis on
the direction that they are headed in, personally or professionally. 

Since one spends most of his waking hours at work, one must understand that our work shapes our attitudes, it moulds our habits, it brings out our personality and re-creates our character. If
your attitude has taken a plunge, and you have developed self destructive habits and to top it you have become a personality that people no longer welcome or a character that does not
inspire, then you need to stop and take a break to shift your perspective towards your work.

Motivation on the Go, is a an ebook that can be  read at “no extra“ time. The entire communication industry is struggling for attention from its audience, be it television, newsprint or
radio, because today an individual has more options to focus his attention on, and less time, to indulge. Keeping in mind the hurry the young professionals have got themselves into, the
chapters are self sufficient, which means that you can read from any chapter and still have a complete perspective.

The chapters are more of an opinion and perspective. They don‘t come across as preachery, but encourage the listeners to think, even if it is for a few moments, in consideration of his attitude
towards his work, colleagues and purpose. If one can be successful at creating ajoyous environment at work, while creating passion at what he does, then he moves up the ladder of contributing towards the wellness and welfare of this planet. For only a person, who can learn to get along with people, and encourage them to be their best, by being an example himself, rises to greatness in all and any of his endeavours. 

In this book l have tried to reach out and make a connection with you through all channels possible. I have used my experiences in my workshops to make an analogy of making the work
place better. I have used queries and questions put up to me, to help you gain a fresh perspective on your problems. I have used stories of celebrities and people in power to make an impact that “success does not an invitation“ to be achieved. I have kept my eyes and ears open and bridged the gap to people‘s heart through my short essays, in hope that maybe one point, or one story will do the trick, in opening up a whole new world for you, like it did for me, many many years, ago.

In my opinion we all are capable of greatness. Some of usjust are not inspired enough; some of us are just not confident enough or consider ourselves worthy enough to claim it. Even if one
person can find his claim to glory, I will consider my contribution a success.

Language English
No of pages 100
Book Publisher Books That Inspire
Published Date 07 May 2020
Audio Book Length 00:58:4

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