The Hidden Palace Adventure - A Hate-Love Story

Ranjit Lal



The Hidden Palace Adventure -Umi, Anshu, Lavina, Shiv, Nasreen and Pankaj are typical teenagers living in Delhi. The six love to take off on their all-terrain cycles and explore the city. And one place they frequent is the Delhi Ridge—a forest area filled with all kinds of trees and thorny shrubs and home to half-forgotten monuments. Here, they come across the spooky Malcha Mahal with its strange and sad history. But the children are also getting sucked into another kind of adventure that is unfolding right next door. Their brilliant and pretty tutor, Khushboo Didi is in love with Salim, her childhood friend. Her family is dead opposed to this love story and the children are her only friends and allies. Will love triumph over hate? What dangerous game have the children started when they decide to help Khushboo and Salim? And how will the Ridge, with all its secrets, come to their rescue? Unflinching, exciting and action-packed, The Hidden Palace Adventure is a story for our times—about who we love and who we help, and about bravery that leads people to go places and do things they never thought possible.

Language English
ISBN-13 9789388874731
No of pages 224
Book Publisher Speaking Tiger Books
Published Date 10 May 2019

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