Is Your Mind Really Yours?

Ajay Sachdeva



The cornerstone of this lively and highly readable book is the idea of operating from the ‘free spirit’ as opposed to the programmed mind. In doing so, one can truly experience freedom, growth and contentment.

Ajay Sachdeva asserts that life, at its core, is centred on the relationship one has with one’s self—that is, with one’s thoughts and emotions. These in turn influence one’s relationship with one’s ‘external’ world, including families, friends, society and the workplace. Is Your Mind Really Yours?

raises several important questions for the readers to reflect on. It invites them to examine life from another perspective: the setting free of conditioned ideas, belief systems and stereotypes—all of which never belonged to individuals in the first place. It is in this establishing of the connection with the inner true self that they can begin to feel the liberation that was always within them but got caged in a mental trap.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-9386906045
ISBN-13 978-9386906045
No of pages 180
Book Publisher Niyogi Books
Published Date 17 Oct 2017

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Author : Ajay Sachdeva


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