The Little Blue Book Of Advertising

Steve Lance & Jeff Woll


These days, the fundamentals of advertising that truly build great brands are often overlooked. But Steve Lance and Jeff Woll are leading a back-to-what-works movement with The Little Blue Book of Advertising. This is a short, fun-to-read, practical book designed to be read quickly and referred to again and again. Each of their fifty-two ideas relates to day-to-day problems with real examples, then provides an innovative, sometimes blunt solution. For instance: #3 Read what your customer reads, watch what she watches #10 Quality is the absence of nonquality signals #15 Sell the benefit, the advantage, and the feature—in that order #19 Get the no-bodies out of your approval process #41 Know when and how to scream “sale” Just as Jeffrey Gitomer’s hugely successful The Little Red Book of Selling became the gotta-have resource for salespeople, Steve Lance and Jeff Woll have written the perfect handbook for what does and doesn’t work in today’s advertising world.
Language English
ISBN-10 1-59184-124-0
No of pages 270
Book Publisher Penguin Books
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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