She is Single I'm Taken: And We're Commited

Harsh Snehanshu





Kanab. Lonely, lost and confused. Despite having a break-up with his one and only love(till then): Tanya, he is living life king size. He’s now a sincere student, an entrepreneur in the making and a mini-celebrity after his first novel becomes a bestseller.

With Tanya out of his life and friends as sober as the wicked trio Anuj, Aryan and Sameer, Kanab sets on an unchartered territory of girls. Tanya. Unaware, Unconcerned and busy. Having broken up with her first love (Kanab), she sets on a unchartered territory: the territory of books, studies and poetry.

With Kanab out of her life, the space is filled by something new, as well as, someone new. As Kanab’s penchant for entrepreneurship takes him to the US - the land of his first love – would he be able to find Tanya, when she’s completely out of touch? If he does, would she be willing to have him back in her life?

And the final question: would her Mom, the deadly villain of the story, be willing to give Kanab’s story a happy ending? Come and find out, as Harsh takes you in yet another riveting roller coaster ride where Kanab-Taya tale completes: after sparking a smile on your face.

Language English
ISBN-10 938034970X
ISBN-13 9789380349701
No of pages 205
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 08 Jan 2012

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