The Great Secret.



In Circulation

This quest has been going on for countless lives. Sometimes you call it the search for truth. But you have never known truth, so how can you lose it and sometimes you search for God. But your meeting with Him has never taken place, so how can you be separated from Him? You go in search to the temples, to the mosques, to Kashi and to Mecca, you knock on every door you come across in the hope you will find what you have lost. But as long as you do not know exactly what it is you have lost your search cannot be fulfilled.

Love is the ability to experience. Love is sensitivity. Love is the experience in which all your impurities are washed away and you throw open all your doors, all your gates. Then whosoever stands at your door is no longer an enemy or a friend but a beloved and you open your door to him.

When you begin to feel the whole world is yours, when you begin to see the beloved in whosoever comes to your door, when you no longer see strangers or enemies, when you begin to see only friends everywhere -when this phenomenon takes place in you, know that you have found love.

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